What’s in a name?

Once asked by Shakespeare and often used by us, this question is one we are all aware of. While some may agree and some may not, I tend to take my name very seriously. Being an Indian girl, I’ve grown up in a society where I’ve been told time and again that I would have to change my last name once I get married and even before that, at times, I’m expected to use my father’s name as my middle name but I don’t understand the reason for it. For all these years, my name has been a part of my identity and I don’t get the idea of adding my father’s or my future husband’s name to mine. I’m an independent individual with an identity of my own, not defined by the name of the family I come from or the name of the family I’ll be going into.

I’m not against the women who choose to add their father’s or husband’s name to theirs as it’s a matter of personal choice but I’m against the concept of it being mandatory. We all should be given the choice of deciding if we would like to add a man’s name to ours or if we want to make our own identity and live with our own name.