The truth is what we see

It often happens with me that I believe what I see to be the truth but later I realize it was only a part of the truth or in some cases, was far from the truth. Truth is all about perception, about how we see things and at times, we see things in a way that we want to and not in the way things actually are. I’ll try and explain it with a simple example; if we are looking for a particular object, we often have an image in our mind but if that thing is not in the form that we imagined it to be, we are not able to see the object even if it’s right in front of us. Same goes for bigger things in life too, when we think the truth is what we see but what about the unseen truth and the unseen facts? We tend to overlook those just because they are not the way we imagined them to be. If we consider a person to be bad, we overlook all the good qualities in them and all we can see in them are the bad qualities. No person can be entirely good or bad, we all are a mix of both. Why don’t we all try and see the good side of things, the one we tend to ignore and we might end up discovering something new, something nice, and something which can give a new meaning to our lives.

Let’s see the Unseen


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