Is beauty really skin deep?

Whenever we come across a ‘not so good looking’ person, do we make an effort to know them better, to know if they have a beautiful heart or not? For most of us, the first thing that attracts us to a person would be their physical attributes, pretty face, sharp features, fair skin, a well toned body and so on. Sitting in a group of such ‘pretty’ looking friends, we might have often made fun of a guy wearing a pair of geeky looking specs and somewhat old-fashioned clothes but who knows, he might have a heart of gold! What kind of  girl would a guy generally prefer..a fat one in salwar kameez  or one with a well maintained figure in a dress or shorts? Isn’t all this superficial? Will a pretty face or a good physique always be the same? No, but a golden heart would. Why don’t we actually try to know people better, even the ones whom we don’t find that attractive and who knows we may be able to find a good friend in them or even a soulmate…


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